Mirai Content Management System

Mirai CMS system is a website content management solution that allows people, regardless of their knowledge of HTML and other technical skills, to create and publish content to a website.

Important features include:
  • Populate and Edit your website(s) from any location at any time without needing to know complex web scripting languages.
  • Role based access control for multiple levels of content writers, editors and publishers.
  • Library System - Make changes to the website(s) in a "preview" mode as often as desired without the website audience seeing them. Then, when they are complete, simply publish the changes to make them visible.
  • Shared Content - Content such as text, photos, documents, press releases, events and promotions can be created once and then shared across many pages and websites managed within the CMS.
    • Easier to manage marketing campaigns throughout the entire website
    • Provides an easy to manage marketing solution that can be used across several websites within a group
  • Support for multiple websites
    • More than one website can be supported on a single product instance
    • Different audiences such as Public Internet, Extranet for Partners and Intranet for staff
  • Modularity - Add additional modules into the CMS to expand the functionality of the website(s).
  • Multilanguage support

Other benefits:

Compliance & Security
Act in compliance with the law. We use the latest secure certificate technology and data is stored in an encrypted format.  Additionally, Mirai CMS is customizable to meet your industry's specific regulatory requirements.
  • Functionality can be added over time.
  • Important for organizations that have a limited budget or that want to maximize their return on investment
  • Fast turn around and low maintenance cost
High Performance
  • Performance capabilities similar to products that cost four to six times as much  
  • Five to seven times faster than competing products
  • Easy to restore in case of a hard disk failure
Easy to configure
Modules are pluggable, easily customizable and can be added without the need to bring any of the hosted websites down for maintenance.
Scheduled campaigns that allow content to be created ahead of time and shown during specific dates and times.
Rich feature set
Has a feature set and performance similar to products that cost four to six times more for the basic product license.
A typical deployment takes a fraction of the time required by other comparable products.
Stand out from the crowd
Search Engine Optimization support including friendly URLs, metadata fields (e.g. title, keywords and page description) and support for the Dublic Core initiative for describing a web page to a search engine.