Aurenav Virtual Atelier

The Aurenav Virtual Atelier is an Enterprise Application Integration methodology and framework based on the Object Management Group's (OMG®) Model Driven Architecture (MDA™). An atelier is a French word meaning a small studio or workshop for an artist or designer and is frequently used to describe an architect's office. The Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory (ESAL) architects chose this word because a software atelier more accurately describes an effective software development process than does the term software factory. Empirical evidence supports the concept of small, specialized software development teams working in a collaborative, requirements and usage driven environment. The Aurenav Virtual Atelier also conforms to Continuous Processing Architecture (CPA) principals through the implementation of the Aurenav Virtual Atelier Information Bus (AVAIB). AVAIB is designed to support a distributed software development environment. Work is organized into functional cells. Workflows and information are maintained in a distributed repository that is managed by the Aurenav Virtual Atelier Information Management System (AVAIMS). The information bus provides a scalable and robust development platform that provides two critical benefits:
  • Information is stored in a distributed repository and synchronized by the information bus providing a continuous processing architecture. This system is significantly more robust than either traditional disaster recovery or the emerging use of replicated data and processing. Core functionality is maintained within each cell. Each cell maintains synchronization with the repository via the information bus. In the event of a communications failure, the information management system is able to provide synchronization between all repositories and cells impacted by the failure once communications are restored.
  • Organizations are provided flexibility in how software development is tasked and assigned. Development activities can be tasked to organic, outsourced or mixed teams that are either geographically concentrated at one location or dispersed around the globe in multiple locations. Organizations that rely on both internal and outsource development can allow the outsourced developers to work at their own facilities, reducing the cost of providing resources, housing, and travel. Additionally, security profiles and firewalls can be utilized to segregate development activities.
Aurenav Virtual Atelier is designed to promote software development best practices based on industry proven techniques. Aurenav offers workshops and consulting services to assist organizations in the implementation of our repository services based Virtual Atelier.