Comparative Gap Analysis (CGA)

In this example, the DNEAF is used to compare three vendor product offerings (IBM WebSphere, Oracle, and Microsoft .Net). The illustration below shows the three models that each vendor provided to the customer.
The mappings are done using the DNEAF Worksheet. Aurenav offers a number of technical analysis reports and worksheets based on the DNEAF, which can save an organization considerable time during the early phases of a program or project. Each technical analysis provides a complete mapping of functionality including identifying areas where a particular product does not provide complete or any functionality. The analysis reports also describe the underlying technologies used and issues that are relevant with regard to performance, scalability, reliability, and security. The DNEAF is especially valuable during the Inception and Elaboration phases of the Unified Process since it enables a team to identify any missing functionality or risks that need to be addressed in the solution early in the life-cycle. The illustration below shows how the three vendor illustrations are mapped to the DNEAF for easy functional comparison.