Aurenav offers several internship programs for students currently enrolled in an accredited University, College or Technical School (accreditation must be recognized by the US Department of Education). Most internships are tied to a specific education curriculum and require oversight of a course instructor. The purpose of the internship is to provide students an opportunity to gain pragmatic experience by applying what they are learning in school in a real-world setting. Internships are offered by the Aurenav Research Institute (ARI) and the Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory (ESAL).
Aurenav works closely with a select number of leading accredited institutions of higher education to provide a program in which students may qualify to receive course credits for their internship work. While internship is not limited to these institutions, it is encouraged since there is a serious commitment required from the student. Most internships are designed to last either one or two consecutive semesters.
Education institutions that Aurenav currently works with include:
  • Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan – KTH)
  • Stockholm University (Stockholms Universitet)
  • University of Texas - Arlington
Students that demonstrate a high level of achievement in the standard internship program may be offered scholarships in select research areas that ARI is involved in. Student interns are assigned a research or thesis paper topic which is agreed to by the student, the student’s faculty advisor or instructor, an assigned industry mentor that is provided by ARI and the ARI research advisory board.
Each project has a minimum scholarship award of SEK 10,000 upon the following criteria:
  • The research paper or thesis must be accepted by the faculty thesis adviser and the assigned technical mentor.
  • The paper must receive a passing grade in the top 15% on a 100 point scale and top 20% on a 5 point scale. If the paper is part of a credit course, the student must successfully complete all requirements of the course and receive a passing grade in the top 15% on a 100 point scale and top 20% on a 5 point scale.
  • The paper must be written in English and be of publishable quality (editorial assistance with grammar can be provided; however, all content is the responsibility of the student intern author).
  • The paper must be an original work by the student intern author.
  • The paper and all related coursework must be completed by the agreed deadline (a maximum of six months is allowed).
The resulting thesis papers will be used as part of our not-for-profit EICT education program and the papers will be publicly available at no cost to the public. Students that have especially good performance may also have the opportunity for additional scholarship awards, internship opportunities, and/or research opportunities. All work will be based in Stockholm, Sweden. This program is only open to students that are currently enrolled in an accredited University post graduate degree plan in a relevant MIS/IT/CSE program. Each project is part of our EICT applied research and involves real-world, hands-on experience and includes a dedicated technical domain expert mentor. Some of the participating companies/organizations may require a non-disclosure agreement; however, all participating organizations have agreed to the free publication of any research and thesis papers that result from these projects.
Note that most internships offered by Aurenav are unpaid positions since they are typically tied to course work for which the student is earning credits towards their degree plan.