IT Analysis and Design

Unified Process (UP)

The Unified Process is not simply a process, but rather an extensible framework which should be customized for specific organizations or projects. Aurenav UP training provides a basic framework that is easier to work with and faster to learn. The Unified Process is an iterative and incremental development process. The Elaboration, Construction and Transition phases are divided into a series of timeboxed iterations. (The Inception phase may also be divided into iterations for a large project.) Each iteration results in an increment, which is a release of the system that contains added or improved functionality compared with the previous release.
Aurenav educational courses and training materials are available for Universities, Technical Institutions and organizations.
Aurenav instructor lead training and workshops are available on-site and in our training facilities. All of our instructors have extensive real-world experience implementing the Unified Process in a wide range of environments from relatively small projects to multinational complex program offices.
Advanced courses cover the following extensions and refinements of the Unified Process:
  • Agile Unified Process (AUP), a lightweight variation developed by Scott W. AmblerBasic    
  • Unified Process (BUP), a lightweight variation developed by IBM and a precursor to OpenUP    
  • Enterprise Unified Process (EUP), an extension of the Rational Unified Process    
  • Essential Unified Process (EssUP), a lightweight variation developed by Ivar Jacobson    
  • Open Unified Process (OpenUP), the Eclipse Process Framework software development process    
  • Rational Unified Process (RUP), the IBM / Rational Software development process    
  • Oracle Unified Method (OUM), the Oracle development and implementation process    
  • Rational Unified Process-System Engineering (RUP-SE), a version of RUP tailored by Rational Software for System Engineering

Rational Unified Process (RUP)

The Rational Unified Process represents a commercial version of the Unified Process developed by IBM Rational that provides a customizable framework supported by modeling toolsets including IBM Rational Rose, IBM Rational Software Architect, IBM Rational Rhapsody and IBM Infosphere Data Architect.
Aurenav RUP courses are designed to teach participants how to extend the Unified Process Framework and how to configure IBM Rational modeling tools to specific organizational requirements.  

Unified Modeling Language (UML)  

Aurenav offers a number of training courses designed to teach introductory, intermediate and advanced UML modeling.