Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise IT and ICT Architecture - We do IT!

Aurenav is a specialist provider of enterprise architecture services based on proven methodologies and frameworks. We have been providing enterprise class architecture solutions for over 25 years in both the government and private sectors. Our experience includes participating at the program office level in multinational, multiyear programs with budgets of Euro 250M to 2B. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies and leading IT Global Services providers.

IT architecture encompasses a wide domain of knowledge and experience. Aurenav focuses on what is becoming known as Enterprise Core Architecture (or Core Architecture) where the IT architecture is driven by the core business requirements based on economic costs and benefits. Core Architecture is a coordinated, disciplined approach that combines management sciences and metrics with computer science and engineering - it is also the driving force behind an enterprise's IT strategy. Many of the principles and practices advocated by Core Architecture practitioners trace their originations to early initiatives undertaken within the United States Defense-Industrial sector to control large, complex development programs. Core Architecture is a direct result of the realization that professional managers, experienced with the design and hands-on implementation of global IT programs are critical for success. Enterprise Core Architectural practices have contributed to nearly a doubling in the success rate for these large projects. Organizations in both the government and civilian sectors are beginning to realize the positive impact to the bottom line that Enterprise Core Architecture delivers.

Aurenav is a leader in Core Architecture and its constituent disciplines including:

  • Strategic/Program Architecture
  • Tactical/Project Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Application/System/Software Architecture
  • Information/Data Architecture
  • Platform/Technology Architecture
  • InfoSec/Security Architecture
  • Network and Infrastructure Architecture
  • Internet Architecture
  • Business and Process Architecture
  • Agile Architecture
  • Communication Architecture
  • Facility Architecture
  • Integration Architecture

Our enterprise IT and ICT architecture practice incorporates industry standards, best practices and frameworks including frameworks that we develop in collaboration with government and industry through our Aurenav Research Institute (ARI), our Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory (ESAL) and our Enterprise Information and Communications Technology (EICT) Architecture Group. Important contributions that Aurenav has made to Enterprise IT Architecture include:

  • Object Management Group (OMG) Standards
  • Domain Neutral Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Transitional and Comparative Gap Analysis Framework
  • Unified Process for Enterprise Solution Engineering Framework
  • Enterprise Integrated Development and Operations Environment Framework