ICT Security

At Aurenav, security is a way of life – a habit that we instill in each person. Security in a technology driven world requires attention to detail, constant vigilance and continuous adaptation to keep up with the fast pace of evolutionary change as
threats get more sophisticated.
It is no longer sufficient to pay attention only to technology, compliance with an increasingly complex legal environment is required. Headlines describing financial fraud, identity theft and security breaches are getting the attention of governments, who in turn are imposing stricter governance and regulatory compliance requirements that now carry serious penalties, including criminal penalties for individual managers and staff. When security goes wrong, bad news travels fast. A good reputation is important for your business.
Aurenav solutions are pragmatic and affordable, built on our proven experience in managing complex enterprise security requirements in today’s digital world.

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Regulatory Compliance   Digital Forensics Services
The growing diversity of national legislations nowadays makes it difficult for the companies to conform to regulatory standards. The complexity of managing the adherence to different national & international standards places an additional burden on...   In today's digitalized world there are more and more sophisticated threats which IT systems are exposed to. Malicious attacks account for a vast amount of security violations which may often end up with severe impact on the proper delivery of...
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Proactive Security   Assessment
"Prevention is the best cure"
We consider Proactive Security as an integral step to provide complete IT security services for your business. With our Planning Services we help you identify and prioritize the security concerns, which are...
  IT Security Assessments are a necessity in today’s complex technological environment which we have become completely dependent on. The growing challenges of Cloud integration with business processes and mobile devises such as Smart phones and...
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Response & Investigation   Training
No Government, Corporation or SMB is immune to external or internal unauthorized intrusion on their systems and resources. It is a constant challenge to keep up and Aurenav offers a suite of services that are indispensible when the need arises. Aurenav’s Incident...   Aurenav develops and provides focused education and training solutions in IT Security. If you manage or administer information technology, or have a responsibility for assuring that information systems and networks are secure, you should...
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