Payroll Services

Learning the complex regulatory environment of any country can be a daunting experience filled with the potential for risk. Add a different language and a frequently changing regulatory environment and the challenge of managing regulatory compliance is compounded.

Changes in the labor and tax regulatory environment are being driven from three primary sources:
  • Harmonization with evolving European Union regulatory policies
  • Swedish labor and social system reforms
  • A restructuring of the Swedish Civil Service administrative agencies
Most regulatory changes are scheduled to take effect each year on either the first of January or on the first of July.
Aurenav Business & Payroll Services is a one-stop payroll service provider in Sweden that stays on top of the latest law changes. We provide payroll services for companies that are formally registered and charted in Sweden as well as foreign companies that only employ representatives in Sweden.
Notable features of our payroll services include:
  • Salary and Commission (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) calculation and payment, including treatment of
    • Bonus
    • Expenses
    • Benefits
  • Pension Plans
  • Insurance
  • Stock and Investment Plans
  • Vacation
  • Sick Pay
  • Parental Leave
  • Monthly tax reporting
  • Annual tax reporting
  • Regulatory compliance (working hours, holiday and vacation, statutory reporting)
  • Umbrella Solutions
    • Umbrella Services
    • Umbrella Company
    • Associate Employment Services

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