Digital Forensics Services

In today's digitalized world there are more and more sophisticated threats which IT systems are exposed to. Malicious attacks account for a vast amount of security violations which may often end up with severe impact on the proper delivery of business services. Most authorities and companies are insufficiently protected against threats, thus digital forensics play a bigger role in providing evidence for both civil and criminal litigation. The cost for companies that are hit by cyber crimes are considerable and gives good reason to review the possibility of, in different ways, preventing and discovering the threats.

Organizations often underestimate the need to produce reliable and admissible evidence surrounding their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems. This may include documented evidence from external intrusions, but more importantly, the forensically preserved evidence of internal employee misconduct. The lack of a solid forensic process in acquiring suspect or mandatory data can lead to profound complications to a business’s health. Entering into court with the improper documentation needed for evidence collection of a digital crime scene may bring a negative result for your company.
With the proper guidance or solution that can be provided by Aurenav, you can rest assured that the forensic collection of data will be made according to the highest standards. Aurenav has the technical and legal knowledge to professionally and confidentially complete the assignment whether the matter is Corporate, Government or on a live crime scene.