New Venture Incubator

Aurenav New Venture Incubator (ANVI) works with the Aurenav Research Institute (ARI) to support economic development initiatives and new venture technology start-ups. Our area of specialization is on start-ups that have an information and communication technology focus or dependency. ANVI promotes innovation by providing Aurenav employees and external entrepreneurs with mentors, resources, administrative support and office space to develop new business ideas. Resources include IT infrastructure and platforms, software development tools, software applications, databases and a professional office environment. Specialist services are also available to help with company formation, intellectual property protection (copy right, patent and trade mark), accounting, financial planning and business planning. ANVI works with several venture capital and investment groups to help fund promising new ventures.

If you have a business idea that requires technical support in the form of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), ANVI may be just what you are looking for. Our advisory board includes a number of successful serial entrepreneurs that actively support our new venture incubator activities. Specific areas of expertise include IT, Telecoms, Retail, Online Web Solutions and Technology start-ups.

Helping New Ventures Get Started
ANVI works with university, government and private venture incubators to help technology-based companies through technical, material and domain expert assistance. We can help new technology start-ups develop a business plan, find funding and we provide technical support to help a new venture get started.
ANVI services are available in the following locations:

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Arlington, Texas, USA