One-day workshop how to migrate from Waterfall to Agile Project Management  

  • Introduces the participant to the core elements of pragmatic agile project management, including how to transition from waterfall and TOC (theories of constraints) project management methodologies over to agile. 
  • Gives the participant the knowledge necessary for understanding when and how to use agile methodologies for maximum return on investment.
  • Highlights the traps and pitfalls to avoid when using agile methods. 


Two-day business agile PMBOK project management course  

  • Immerses the participant in the business agile Unified Vision Framework (UVF) that, when used correctly, plugs the gaps that exist in all project management methodologies.
  • Gives the project and program manager the ability and skills to streamline and leverage the PMBOK to get remarkable results implementing their projects and programs.
  • Prepares the participant for the full 5-day business agile UVF-based certification test preparation course.  

Five-day business agile UVF-based PMP Certification Test preparation course  

  • Is PMBOK Fourth Edition compliant and prepares the participant to successfully pass the PMP certification test (4 hour test with 200 multiple choice questions). Not only will they be prepared to pass the test, but this training also gives the project and program managers the ultimate “PMBOK-on-steroids” tool that will consistently catapult them into the ranks of the highest performing PMs on the planet.
  • This course can be tailored to meet the needs of clients that do not have the ability to have their participants attend a five-day boot camp.
  • Can be done virtually (live, instructor-led session online) for up to 18 participants at a time.