Digital Forensics Training   IT Analysis and Design
If you manage or administer information technology, or have a responsibility for assuring that information systems and networks are secure, you should understand digital forensics (also commonly called computer forensics).   Aurenav instructor lead training and workshops are available on-site and in our training facilities. All of our instructors have extensive real-world experience implementing the Unified Process in a wide range of environments from relatively small projects to multinational complex program offices. 
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IT Architecture   Program and Project Management
The Unified Process for Enterprise Solution Engineering is a comprehensive framework that is designed to adapt the UP and RUP to systems consisting of hardware, software and people.
  The Unified Vision Framework is an easy to remember, easy to communicate, simple model for implementing tasks and managing the intangibles at all levels of an organization. It provides an effective framework that dramatically reduces documentation and updating that creates a drag on most projects by empowering teams with a simple behavior that is more effective. 
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