Technology Assessment Laboratory

Aurenav Research Institute (ARI) is committed to developing domain independent enterprise architectural solutions, methodologies, and automation tools. Our Technology Assessment laboratory (TAL) focuses on evaluating how Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and Open Source products and tools can be adapted for enterprise architecture solutions. By leveraging COTS and Open Source solutions with our own internally developed solutions we enable a more robust enterprise architecture development environment that reduces cost, leverages existing technology and accelerates the development life-cycle.

Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory

Our Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory (ESAL) works with government, industry, international standards organizations and academia to develop architecture and process frameworks for the enterprise. ARI supports the Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory (ESAL) in Stockholm, Sweden. ESAL provides facilities, hardware, software, professional ICT experts, and researchers for both internal and external research projects. ESAL is well positioned to provide independent, third-party evaluations and assessments involving ICT technology and products. Additionally, ESAL provides an important learning platform for educational institutions and for private and government sector organizations.

EICT Applied Research Laboratory

ARI is also involved with the Aurenav EICT Applied Research Laboratory that is tasked with developing pragmatic frameworks, processes, tools and platforms for large enterprise, government and midmarket companies. These solutions are utilized in both our consulting and services business units. Both Open Source and commercial products are researched and developed by the EICT Applied Research Laboratory.