Working in conjunction with university and government economic development partners, Aurenav provides support for developing technology-based social service solutions.
Examples include:
  • eHealth Platform - a telemedicine platform designed to allow remote monitoring and support of medical devices in real-time, near real-time and batch operation modes. The platform is based on a domain neutral architecture and has been deployed as on Open Source Java, WebSphere, Oracle and .Net platforms (including hybrid mixes of these four platforms). The platform is designed to integrate medical devices via a common information integration platform so that patient data, patient monitoring, patient treatment and medical research can all be supported through a common open environment based around the HL7 standard. The platform is designed to support alphanumeric and binary data sets including analog to digital waveform representations. Any type of data file can be supported over the platform. Current implementations include integration of medical devices inside and remote to a hospital while maintaining a highly secure environment.
  • eHealth Sentinel Platform - a monitoring system that is designed to gather patient symptom and diagnostic information which is then analyzed for trends. The system is designed to provide an early warning to emerging diseases and environmental contamination events.
  • eLearning English for IT - a free service designed to help people learn IT terms in English. The service offers a vocabulary builder that combines text and accompanying speech to help students learn how to properly pronounce words used in IT.